Lee Coombs

Lee Coombs kick-started his DJing career in the late 80s, having produced his first track under the guise of The Invisible Men. By ’91 he went on to found Paradise Records, Pumpin’ Vinyl and the acclaimed cult electro Zoid and Thrust series before moving to London where a chance meeting with Finger Lickin’ label boss, Justin Rushmore, led to Lee being taken into the fold, his acid-angled productions giving him a float all of his own. His DJ sets, which often see him down at Fabric and Bugged Out! or flying over to New York’s Vinyl and LA’s Spundae club, reflect his musical milieu with influences colliding from all directions.

Seb Fontaine and Pete Tong noted Coombs as the ‘man to watch’ after his ‘Future Sound Of Retro’ album was released on Finger Lickin’ in June 2001. Remixes including Quivver and Sister Bliss set the stepping stones to the success that would follow. Soon his talents were being called upon to put his twist on everyone from New Order to Lamb to Moby.

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