Stereo 8

Stereo 8’s connection with Finger Lickin’ can be traced back in the sands of time to when they invited Soul of Man and Plump DJs to play at their legendary Bristol breaks club BlowPop. As confirmed party animals, the cider-swilling Bristol boys knew they had found some fellow cohorts, and the rest, as they don’t say, is best left censored. Excursions to BlowPop became the norm and the two gangs have since stuck together like Velcro Fasteners.

The three members of Stereo 8 are bred from different musical backgrounds. Simon and Julian were born out of the early 90s House era whereas Tom’s passion for hip-hop and funk had inspired him to develop compulsory scratching skills akin to every head-nodding beat freak. His style carves a serious groove into Stereo 8’s sets at every party. The threesome has residencies at the world famous Blue Mountain club and now the vast confines of Bristol Academy. Stereo 8 have exhibited themselves at festivals including Glastonbury, Essential, V, and headlined the BlowPop tent at the Ashton Court Festival. Guest spots in London’s Mass, Brixton, Fabric and Headstart at Turnmills have been their home away from home.

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