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Inspired by top shelf girly mag “Plumper’s” and riding on the crest of a dance music revival, the Plumps have created a sound that has single-handedly smashed the pseudo laddishness out of the nu-skool and brought breakbeat to the forefront of today’s dance scene.

Emerging from the nascent Nu Skool Breaks scene at the end of the last century, the Plump DJs are the quintessential production duo. Over the course of fifteen acclaimed singles and three superlative albums, Andy Gardner and Lee Rous have become heavyweights of cutting edge club music.

Their beginnings were effortlessly organic; Andy was enjoying success as a producer on Freskanova Records working under the pseudonyms of Bowser and Cut & Paste when he began DJing regularly at the infamous Passenger night, co promoted by Lee and Steve Blonde. With an anything goes freestyle beats approach to its music policy, Passenger was one of London’s hottest tickets. “There was a lot of enthusiasm” remembers Lee, “We had four pages about this little bar event in The Face and two pages in NME, just because so many people were going down there, there was so much energy.” Already well acquainted through mutual friends and many nights clubbing, the pair decided to transfer the abundance of energy that Passenger exuded into their own music. “I started working as a runner for Freskanova and my DJing was going really well and Andy’s DJ’ing was going well but he wanted more gigs and I wanted to get into the studio, so the Plumps were born”.

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