Drumattic Twins

Nick Slater and Lanx are the Drumattic Twins, the name a consequence of having amplified attacks of drum-machine seizures in their loft. True pioneers of the scene they have played an integral part of dance music history since they first appeared in the early nineties.

In their original carnation as Shades of Rhythm they ruled the land with chart bothering anthems and in more recent times have established a worldwide fan base as the Drumattic Twins. Seminal tracks like ‘Feelin’ Kinda Strange’ and ‘Hyperspeed’ have earned them their fair shade of accolades but now they are about to unleash their finest work to date in the form of their second album ‘Hammer & Tongs’.

As children of the dance revolution will remember, many moons ago, Nick and Lanx were known as the chart topping Shades of Rhythm along with vocalist Rayan Gee. Tunes like ‘Sweet Sensation’, ‘Homicide’, ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Sound of Eden’ became so large they’re likely to induce misty-eyed rumblings about “the good old days”, and they even led to an appearance on Top Of The Pops. But some fifteen or so years after their big bang, Nick and Lanx have put the snapshots of the rave days into a photo album and have re-invented themselves as the Drumattic Twins and, having discovered the downside of being tied down to a major, they decided to go the independent route and release early Drumattic tracks themselves.

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